"That is also why we no longer accept work from freelance journalists who travel to places where we ourselves would not venture. It is a strong decision, and one that may not have been made clear enough, so I will repeat it here: if someone travels to Syria and offers us images or information when they return, we will not use it. Freelancers have paid a high price in the Syrian conflict. High enough. We will not encourage people to take that kind of risk."

Covering the “Islamic State” - Correspondent

Ugh… just ugh.

Digital 451

Had an experience yesterday, the latest of several recently, where I listened to several educated people bash various social media tools because of their demographics (too many Tweens or teens), too much content about fluff, too few content about serious topics were just a few of the complaints. I hate social media snobbery.

The beauty in many social tools is you create your own information ecosystem. You seek out your own interests. Interested in subject X, but not subject Y? Fine. Stay away from subject Y.

Where this falls apart is when people decide to build virtual bonfires to burn down the ideas of others. We are facing our own digital Fahrenheit 451 if we don’t allow for the free flow of ideas.